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To participate in the Blackstone Paddler's Events, a RI Canoe and Kayak Association membership fee of $15.00  is required, as is a $10.00 membership fee for the Blackstone Valley Paddle Club.   These fees provide a family membership and are good for the entire season.  If you are a current RICKA member, you may join for the additional $10.00 membership fee.  If you are not yet a RICKA member, you may  join and pay your dues for both RICKA and Blackstone Valley Paddle Club by going to our membership Page for payment options. Please note: we will not be taking payment for dues at the paddle locations this year.  Please pay your dues in advance. Inflatable boats and PFD's are not allowed on Blackstone Valley Paddle Club Trips.

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 May 2024 our 24th year! 


See you in May 2024 for our 24th year! 

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