Erik Eckilson has been awarded a lifetime RICKA membership award. Erik has been a flatwater leader as well as serving as the 5th RICKA newsletter editor for the last 8 years.

 He has presided over the annual nominating of officers and has been instrumental on Blackstone Valley Paddle Club trips over its many years as well.

 Erik’s father was an AMC paddle and snowshoe trip leader for many years. Erik paddles one of his father’s old boats with great pride. Erik’s positive attitude is infectious. He is often the last one paddling during the course of a year. He paddles with everyone without club affiliation, treats all with respect and has always represented RICKA with distinction.

 Erik enjoys flatwater and occasional sea kayaking paddles but his passion for Whitewater is well documented in the many photos and videos Erik shares with the club.  Movie night has become one of the highlights of the year under Erik’s direction.  In a world where kayakers have gained prominence, Erik still paddles his favorite canoes and does not engage in needless banter about the one blade, two blade debate. Erik has been a great leader for RICKA.