Winter Rolling Sessions:  1PM to 3PM on 1/12, 2/9, 3/8, and 4/12. 

Where: South County YMCA 165 Boardrock Rd, Peacedale, RI 02883.

RSVP tp Rich Coupland or 401-595-1175.

Only 10 Kayaks will be allowed in the pool at one time. 

Kayaks must be cleaned inside and out. They will be inspected before being allowed in the water.

These are not rolling clinics and there will be no formal instruction available. It may be possible to match people looking to learn to roll with people willing to instruct. If you are interested in learning to roll or in instructing others to learn to roll, please note this in your RSVP.

Include your ACA membership number in your RSVP. If you are not an ACA member there will be a $5 insurance fee.