Minutes 2017



May 3, 2017 Executive Board meeting

Attending: Danny, Sharon, Cheryl, Erik, Cat, Carleen, Andy, Pat and Henry
Absent: Chuck, Ric and Mike

Meeting called to order by Sharon at 7:03 PM

A motion was made by Cheryl and seconded by Cat to approve minutes of previous meeting. 
Motion was approved.
A motion was made by Cheryl and seconded by Danny to accept the
 treasurer's report as presented. Motion was approved.

Old Business

June Meeting - Canoe instruction and food, Earl, Henry and Erik

September Meeting - Picnic

October Meeting - Movie night

 Insurance policies.  Much discussion ensued about which, if any, policy we would use.  Debate centered around cost and registration requirements.  No changes were made at this juncture.  Cat, Danny and Pat were thanked for their research efforts.

 New Business

 Cat volunteered to write a monthly article for the newsletter to promote safety and education.  Ideas included an avenue for flat-water kayakers to transition to Level II sea kayak trips.  A listing of first aid and other types of training was thought to have potential.

 Pat presented the idea of purchasing iron-on club patches and presented some pricing information.  No action was taken at the time.

Cheryl requested Erik to send her an article he has written about the benefits of being a RICKA member.  Erik agreed.  She will post on website. 

Cat made a motion for Erik to spend up to $200 for the design of a 40th anniversary logo.  This will be used  on shirts and other promotional items.  Pat seconded the motion and it was approved. 

Andy noted he had received bogus requests for checks allegedly from Susan and Sharon.  He warned others to be aware of this scam. 

Cheryl formerly noted a big "Thank You" to Susan Engleman for serving as RICKA president. 

Sharon wanted confirmation that the yearly schedule planning meetings are official RICKA events.  This was confirmed by the board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09PM  

April 5, 2017 Executive Board meeting 

Attending: Danny, Susan, Cheryl, Tom, Pat and Henry 
Absent: Sharon, Erik, Carleen, Cat, Andy, Lori, Ric and Mike 

Meeting called to order by Susan at 7:04 PM A motion was made by Cheryl and seconded by
Danny to approve minutes of previous meeting.

 Motion was approved. A motion was made by Henry and seconded by Cheryl to accept the
treasurer's report as presented. Motion was approved. 

Old Business 

Spring Soirée was a great success. It would be nice to have a more private space for mingling.

 Pat attended a SNEP event and was pleasantly impressed.  She mentioned they have a pretty busy calendar. 

New Business 

Henry will write letter to Alan, authorizing him to donate the club printer.

Susan reported on insurance that is used by a club that Jim Cole is currently with. Danny will investigate 

Cheryl reported that permits are no longer required for groups to use RI state accesses. 

Cheryl presented everyone present with a promotional RICKA knife that Jim Cole generously donated and mailed to Cheryl.
They will be used as promo items 

Meetings on the water schedule:  June 19 Lincoln Woods. Reservation has been made.

 April. Green Hill. We will be partnering with the Kayak Centre. Rec kayaks will be available. Pat is coordinating.

August 21. Smith and Sayles Reservoir. Chuck will lead.

 Danny started a discussion on making Erik a lifetime member. Danny will research requirements and report back. 

Tom announced his resignation from the executive board.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:50PM 

Respectfully submitted Henry




RICKA Executive Board Minutes   March 1, 2017 

Present:  Susan, Sharon, Cheryl, Erik, Carleen, Danny, Pat and Matt from the Kayak Centre (minutes not yet approved)

Minutes taken by Pat Lardner

Absent:   Henry, Bill, Ric, Mike, Tom, Lori, Andy and Cat

Susan called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Cheryl and seconded by Sharon.  The motion was approved.

A motion was made to accept the February treasurer's report by Sharon and seconded by Cheryl. The motion was approved.

Old Business:

New Pamphlets ready for distribution at the March Spring Soiree (Meeting). We will check with Cat to see if she can bring the brochures to the March general meeting.

Girl Scouts Update - Pat was contacted by Charlotte Markey, GSSNE and the decision was made by the Girl Scouts to wait until 2018.  

Charlotte was provided with contact information to reach out directly to Pam Browning, NECRA.  No further action required by RICKA.

New Business 

Practice Sessions at South County Pool - not a RICKA sponsored event and Gary will need to let the YMCA know that they can not bill it as a RICKA sponsored event.

Kayak Centre proposal and discussion (Matt) - Matt discussed partnering options with RICKA. Promotional ideas were discussed. Matt suggested RICKA membership be offered with all new kayaks sold and free membership or the Kayak Centre collecting the $15.00 fee was discussed.  In addition the Kayak Centre proposed completing the RICKA membership application at the time of purchase.  

A RICKA table for the Kayak Centre's Demo Day was discussed.  Cheryl will check the Kayak Centre's website for the dates and details of the Demo day to promote their multisport day.   

A RICKA SUP division was discussed for consideration.  All above topics will be reviewed at the May Executive Board meeting.

Other New Business

Sharon updated the board on distribution of the geo coins.  It came to our attention a little over two weeks ago that some people still had not received their geo coins and were quite upset.  Susan made several attempts to contact Lori to determine the status of the coins for these folks, to no avail.  As a result, we started to refund the money to these people.  Lori did contact Susan on 2/26 and said she had "the balance of coins packaged to go in the mail and hope to get to the post office this week."  People have since contacted us to let us know they received their coins, but a $70 refund had already been made.

Check signing privileges for Sharon were discussed.  Sharon will followup with Andy to be added to the Citizen’s checking account.

Adjourned 8:30 PM


RICKA Executive Board Minutes    February 1, 2017

Present: Susan, Cheryl, Henry, Erik, Mike, Cat, Danny, Pat,  Carleen

Absent: Bill, Ric, Sharon, Andy and Tom

Susan called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Henry and seconded by Pat.  Susan noted that there was discussion involving the Kayak Centre that was omitted.  The board approved to append the minutes with this inclusion.  The motion to approve the minutes as appended was approved.A motion was made to accept the January treasurer's report  by Cheryl and seconded by Pat.  The motion was approved.

 Old Business

The April Club meeting featuring Carl Ladd will be held At the REI warehouse in Cranston, RI.  The meeting time will be at 6:30. The May meeting will be held at the Kayak Centre.  Erik is planning on doing a presentation.  Pamphlet Update - 500-1000 copies will be made at Staples (depending on pricing).  Cat will check into it and get board approval vie email survey.  Erik reported on his planned presentation at the May meeting.  It will be about Risk Management on Paddling Trips.  Erik is also looking for a member of the sea kayaking group to assist him with this presentation.

 Pat explained that the Girl Scouts of RI were looking for a coach for their canoe racing team.  The hours would be Saturdays from 9-12 for eight weeks starting in April.  We will advertise this in the Paddler and possibly the website.The Kayak Centre offered to host an executive board meeting.  We will try to set it up for the April meeting.

New Business

A motion was made by Henry to include only members of the executive board on the board email list.  Erik appended the motion to include all past presidents (if they request to be included).  Cheryl seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Other New Business

 Bill Luther brought up the fact that the flatwater training course had not been conducted last year and probably should be held this year.  Cat mentioned that the insurance could be in effect for this course.  A date is to be set and announced.  The flatwater planning meeting is on March 25th. The BVPC planning meeting is on March 28th. Carleen noted the sea kayak planning meeting would be held in May. Cat mentioned that Todd Wright would be conducting a 3-day wilderness first aid class.  Interested persons can contact Osprey Kayak for details.

 Adjourned 7:55 PM



RICKA Executive Board Minutes    January 4, 2017

 Present: Susan, Sharon, Cheryl, Henry, Erik, Andy, Cat, Danny and Pat

Absent: Bill, Ric,  Mike, Tom, Lori and Carleen

 Susan called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

 A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Erik and seconded by Cheryl.  The motion was approved.A motion was made to accept the December treasurer's report  by Sharon and seconded by Cheryl.  The motion was approved.

Old Business

 The annual picnic will be held at Goddard Park on 9/16 or 9/17 dependant on availability.  motion was made by Sharon and seconded by Pat that the food preparation crew need not pay for the cost of the picnic.  Motion was approved.  Pat volunteered to go to park on 3/15 (opening day of registration) to make registration application. The April meeting was supposed to feature Ranger Chuck, unfortunately he will be unable to attend due to upcoming knee surgery.  We are looking at scheduling that meeting at the Kayak Center.

We are trying to line up Carl Ladd to do a boat repair presentation at the May meeting.  Cheryl will check with REI to see if they have space available for us. Sharon will check and see if we can have a "meet and greet" kick-off meeting at Chelo's in March. 

June's meeting will be scheduled for the 19th at Lincoln Woods. Cat presented the updated membership pamphlet and it looked good.  It was unanimously approved by the board.  Sharon will look at updating the membership form and then print the pamphlets.

 New Business

 Susan noted that the Kayak Centre had contacted her to discuss a possible meeting in order to promote Stand Up Paddling.  Discussion ensued and further information is needed before we decide to proceed.  40th Anniversary - We will be purchasing 50 water bottles at about $6.60 each.  These will be given away at the March meeting to attendees.  Erik gave information about t-shirts for purchase online.  We will have a custom designed 40th logo.  Performance tees will be available.  Pricing will be determined.  Each member will order online.  This eliminates gathering orders and monies by club members. Only upfront cost will be for logo design.  Detail will be finalized at next meeting.

 Other New Business

Sharon reported that membership notification will no longer be mailed to members.  Only email notification will be sent. The nominating committee reported that Danny O'Shea and Pat Lardner are new members-at-large.  We are still looking for a vice-president and another possible member-at-large.  South County YMCA has pool sessions that are open to members of RICKA and ConnYak. Times and dates can be found on the sea kayak webpage. 40th Anniversary upcoming events:

 Erik will be setting up events. A preliminary over is as follows:

Camping - Chuck

Branch River paddle - Mike

April Meeting - Cake!!



Adjourned 8:16 PM