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RICKA Executive Board Minutes    January 4, 2017

 Present: Susan, Sharon, Cheryl, Henry, Erik, Andy, Cat, Danny and Pat

Absent: Bill, Ric,  Mike, Tom, Lori and Carleen

 Susan called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

 A motion was made to accept the minutes of the past executive board meeting by Erik and seconded by Cheryl.  The motion was approved.

A motion was made to accept the December treasurer's report  by Sharon and seconded by Cheryl.  The motion was approved.

Old Business

 The annual picnic will be held at Goddard Park on 9/16 or 9/17 dependant on availability.

A motion was made by Sharon and seconded by Pat that the food preparation crew need not pay for the cost of the picnic.

 Motion was approved.  Pat volunteered to go to park on 3/15 (opening day of registration) to make registration application.

The April meeting was supposed to feature Ranger Chuck, unfortunately he will be unable to attend due to upcoming knee surgery. 

We are looking at scheduling that meeting at the Kayak Center.

We are trying to line up Carl Ladd to do a boat repair presentation at the May meeting.  Cheryl will check with REI to see if they have space available for us.

Sharon will check and see if we can have a "meet and greet" kick-off meeting at Chelo's in March. 

June's meeting will be scheduled for the 19th at Lincoln Woods.

 Cat presented the updated membership pamphlet and it looked good.  It was unanimously approved by the board.  Sharon will update membership form and then print the pamphlets.

 New Business

 Susan noted that the Kayak Centre had contacted her to discuss a possible meeting in order to promote Stand Up Paddling.  Discussion ensued and further information is needed before we decide to proceed.

 40th Anniversary - We will be purchasing 50 water bottles at about $6.60 each.  These will be given away at the March meeting to attendees.  Erik gave information about t-shirts for purchase online. 

We will have a custom designed 40th logo.  Performance tees will be available.  Pricing will be determined.  Each member will order online.  This eliminates gathering orders and monies by club members.

Only upfront cost will be for logo design.  Detail will be finalized at next meeting.

 Other New Business

Sharon reported that membership notification will no longer be mailed to members.  Only email notification will be sent.

The nominating committee reported that Danny O'Shea and Pat Lardner are new members-at-large.  We are still looking for a vice-president and another possible member-at-large.

 South County YMCA has pool sessions that are open to members of RICKA and ConnYak. Times and dates can be found on the sea kayak webpage.

40th Anniversary upcoming events:

 Erik will be setting up events. A preliminary over is as follows:

Camping - Chuck

Branch River paddle - Mike

April Meeting - Cake!!



Adjourned 8;16 PM