Greetings Fellow Paddlers, 

Chuck Horbert and I met last night to go over a proposed schedule for the upcoming Adirondack trip. We are leaning toward scheduling two paddles every day. There will be some duplication of trips. I will be sending out a list of trips to all who respond. 

What we would like from those who will be participating is who will be staying on your campsite number, the days you will be staying, your campsite number and your cell phone. When you send your cell phone number, please indicate if you are text capable. Our intention is to send a broadcast text on the evening before the paddles with all pertinent information. 

Our hope is to offer more and varied trips and to ease the process of disseminating trip information. Please feel free to share this email as you deem appropriate. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Hope to see you there! 

Henry (