Chuck Horbert and Henry Dziadosz

Award for the Best Planned Trip that Never Happened

 This year we have an unusual award in a year that has been challenging to say the least.  We could not have our Awards ceremony without special recognition to Henry and Chuck for all their efforts planning our annual Adirondacks trip. 

With state regulations in multiple states and national concerns during a Global Pandemic, one which we have not seen in our lifetime; Henry and Chuck planned the paddles, managed the ongoing communication to the members while paying close attention to state and national guidelines.  The trip was questionable from the start but we all remained optimistic right up to the Tuesday before the scheduled arrival date.  Just as Henry had his car packed with food and camping supplies, ready for an early arrival, we see “Breaking News” Rhode Island is now on the banned list for New York State.  With no time to waste, Henry was once again crafting the most difficult email to our members.  With Safety always first and foremost, the trip had to be cancelled.  I believe a few tears were shed but the resilience of this club could not be deterred. 

Henry and Chuck are already working on next year’s trip with reservations already underway.  Fortunately, we live in the most beautiful state and the club continues to paddle on to experience adventures on the water despite the challenges faced in 2020.