From East Beach 9/4/19

Hi Linda,

Here I am looking out at the sea. It's a gorgeous early September day - sunny, blue sky, a few small white clouds, a bit breezy. The waves are sparkling so brightly today, stumbling over themselves, racing up the sand and then back again - back home to the ocean. It's heavenly.

In the distance are two sailboats taking advantage of the strong cool breeze. And on the horizon I see a small dot that I can't quite make out (my aging eyesight has dimmed a bit). I've decided to believe that it's you there in your kayak. And even though you're so far away, I can somehow see you clearly now. You're sitting up straight in your boat, pushing through the water with that strong stroke of yours, and smiling, not a care in sight. Now you're laughing, just in the pure joy of it all. I notice too that, even in that distant and unknown water, you're still courageous in your solid, kind, confident, humble way. And that somehow all of those whom you love and who love you are with you in that little boat on the beautiful sea.

Now that small dot on the horizon has moved out of my sight. But I'll remember you, and I'll try to remember to live by your example of listening and caring and helping people - even when it's hard.

Thank you Linda. Love,

Linda loved kayaking, the ocean, and RICKA. For those of you who didn't have the pleasure and good fortune of knowing her, here are her own words in some excerpts from her emails to me over the years after she moved away.
"Thank yous to the RICKA group for all the years of teaching, coaching and companionship...It was an HONOR to be part of such a skilled, passionate, and social group."
"So, I wish all those in the group the Very Best - I hope RICKA remains a STRONG influence to all with the Passion to Paddle and in the Community. I cannot put into words what belonging to RICKA and it's members have done for me. Those years were the Most Rewarding in my Life- they filled my Soul with Happiness - I LIVED for every Season!"
I ALREADY miss everyone's Energy + smiling faces as we stood on shore - in anticipation of the day's launch."
"Very fond memories, I'll keep "tucked" in a safe place forever!"

I hope others will post their memories and thoughts about Linda on the message boards
 Thanks, Carole ( Costanza)